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State gives OK for work at Weston
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Construction on Weston School can begin once the last classroom has been cleared.

So says Scott Gaudineer, who is the leader of the Program Management Integration team.

He told the Ripon Unified school board Monday that the preconstruction process has been going according to plans.

Weston, estimated to cost $10.4 million, is half of Measure G. Colony Oak School accounts for the other part of this bond measure. 

“We received a notice of progress from the Division of the State Architect, acknowledging the receipt of the design plans (for Weston School),” Gaudineer said. “The plans are enough to be reviewed (by DSA) – that put us in a good time frame.”

His check list on the next step consists of meeting with neighbors in preparation of the construction activities that’s scheduled to take place at Weston.

PMI will also do the following:

• Update information on the district’s bond website.

• Integrate the construction schedule on the lease / lease back project with contractor C.T. Brayton.

• Track the review process at DSA.

• Complete the Measure G audits as required by Proposition 39.

• Establish a website for the Bond Oversight Committee that’s separate from RUSD.

• Identify any state funding sources.

“So far there’s not a bond on the state ballot,” said Gaudineer, referring to the latter. “But it’s still early in the year.”

Earlier, Weston Principal Lisa Fereria discussed plans on housing students during construction. “We’re still trying to work out the transportation issues,” she said.

Students will be deployed to the other RUSD campuses – Colony Oak, Park View, Ripona and Ripon Elementary.

“Our kids will be displaced next year but they’re excited to be going with their teachers,” Fereria said. “When they come back (the following year) they’ll be coming to a rebuilt school.”

This includes the current Multi-Purpose facility turned into an Innovation Media Center consisting of the latest in modern technology not to mention new classroom wings and gymnasium.

“For our staff, this will be like moving into a new house,” said Fereria, who graciously thanked the community for voting in favor of Measure G back in 2012.

Gaudineer is hopeful that the school will be completed by the July 2015 reopening date.

“Our teachers will also be back,” Fereria said. “They’ll take with them what they’ve learned from the other sites.”

She did have a big concern for one family during the upcoming deployment of students.

“One parent that we know of will have her four kids at different sites,” said Fereria, who is still trying to work out a solution. “She’s wondering how she’ll be able to get around town.”