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Backs Silverman push to increase hotel room tax in manteca to 12%
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’m with Manteca City Councilman Richard Silverman when it comes to raising the hotel tax from 9% to 12%. Earlier this month, I spent three nights in a not very elegant by any description hotel in Monterey. Besides the room rate and parking fee I paid:
the Monterey County Improvement Tax - $18.66,
Occupancy Tax - $116.58,
California Tourism Assessment Fee - $2.28,
Nightly Resort Fee - $89.85,
and the Monterey County Tourism Fee - $6.00,
It was an extra $135.24 in taxes and $98.13 in fees, for a grand total of $233.37 in tacked on charges.
Apparently, some lazy city government bean counter in Monterey has fallen down on the job by ignoring the glaring opportunity to add a Coming Up With New Taxes and Fees Creativity Fee. It’s probably just a matter of time.
I suppose I could have avoided the Occupancy Tax and the Nightly Resort Fee if I’d never gotten out of the car, and perhaps the Monterey County Tourism  Fee if I had promised not to look too closely at the local scenery. At least I didn’t have to contribute to the Hotel Owner’s Wife’s Fur Coat Fund, or shell out for his Boat Payment Courtesy Fee. I guess I got of lucky.
Why should Our Fair City miss out on the opportunity to lighten visitor’s wallets like other cities are doing? Councilman Silverman’s proposal sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Besides, any man that would wear a wet suit, snorkel and swim fins in the dunk tank at the City’s 100th Anniversary celebration, and I might add look damned good doing so, has my full confidence.

Stephen J. Breacain