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Community should pay for VFW kitchen
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

If there is any group in society that deserves our universal support and utmost respect, it is our veterans. To be clear, I have not served in the military and am not a veteran. I do have family members who have chosen to make this brave sacrifice and answer the call to serve and protect our fellow citizens in our nation’s hour of need. I deeply admire and respect all those who have fought in combat to protect the nation we love and the freedoms we cherish.

Our community owes an enormous debt to our veterans, probably more than we could ever repay. In keeping with that spirit, the City should not give the VFW a loan to finish the kitchen in their long-awaited post on Moffat Avenue that they will be forced to pay back. Citizens of our community have been very generous in donating their support to help this project come along. The least we can do to show our gratitude for the sacrifice they made is to simply purchase the equipment they need without any further strings attached. If anyone among us deserves to be recognized for their sacrifices, it’s our veterans. 


David Cushman

Chairman, Manteca Patriots