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No left sign at El Rancho is simply ageism
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In response to the letter on Nov. 24 about the “no left turn” sign coming out of El Rancho Mobile Home Park onto East Yosemite, I assume that Tahija does not live here, because she missed the point.

The point is that the sign is discrimination, that’s all it is. I live here, and while I do obey the sign I am incensed every time that I have to drive further to the back gate, then wait several minutes at the stop light to turn left onto Yosemite. I always become irate when I am discriminated against.

The restriction is ageism - discrimination against old people. We are the only “no left turn” order anywhere around here. There are many more cars turning left out of Pollo Loco, Showtime Express Car Wash, the gas station, Wendy’s, etc., etc. Also, across the street anyone is allowed to turn left out of those businesses.

If the police think that old people don’t drive as well, why don’t they put signs on all business – “Do not turn left if you are over 70!” Maybe the optimal word is “business.” The city doesn’t want to restrict the businesses, but it’s okay to restrict us seniors?

In the five years that I have lived here, I have not heard of any accident by us feeble old people turning left onto Yosemite. I turn left onto the sidewalk on my daily “old person” 10-mile bicycle ride. Is that a crime, too?

I’m old, not stupid.
Kathryn Swain
Nov. 25, 2009