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Not impressed with Obamas 2010 agenda
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As I was watching the President’s speech last night, a funny coincidence struck me. Did you know that 100 years ago today a man died who was known for developing the modern marvel we all know and use daily. Thomas Crapper died on January 27, 1910. How ironic, if you look at the state of the nation with an analytical mind, that since the election a year ago, everything that the Democratic Party has touched or proposed, has gone to crap!

True, President Bush did push and sign T.A.R.P. but he was not responsible for the failed stimulus package, Cash for Clunkers, Cap and Trade (not yet passed, thank goodness) or a health care plan that was about the government getting more power over the American citizen, not health care.

The Cash for Clunkers gave everyone that participated up to, I believe, $4,500 for buying a new automobile. Great except for one thing; did you know that the taxpayer was billed $25,000 for each car that was sold? That is what you and your children and grandchildren will be responsible for in the future.

So far the stimulus package has maybe generated 100,000 jobs, at the average cost of $95,000 per job, on the small amount of money that has left Washington, D.C. How much do you make per year? You will be billed for the cost in the future.

Cap and Trade will be worse than you can imagine. Right now every single American citizen is liable for America’s debt in the amount of $340,000. I’m sorry but I don’t have that amount of money for myself and my wife, let alone anyone else.

The President did not state any plan to turn the economic situation around. All he said was that he was going to continue on in the same direction and if he kept telling everyone he was right and you are wrong, sooner or later you would agree with him.

The time has come to change the way Washington thinks. Cut taxes and regulations that businesses have to deal with. Get lawyers out of the health care issues and let insurance companies operate across state lines to increase competition.

Until we change Washington, the State of the Nation will be in jeopardy.
 Dale Burnham
Jan. 28, 2010