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Politics: Sometimes the truth hurts in elections
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As an educator, I always teach my students to state the facts.  Facts are truths and sometimes the truth hurts.  That is why I admire the letter written by Frank Aquila, calling Hillary Clinton supporters “haters and takers.”  

Karen Pearsall’s letter prompted me to write this letter since she characterizes Aquila’s letter as “demonizing” Democrats.  Ms. Pearsall admits in her letter she never discussed Karl Marx’s ideology and never heard the names Saul Alinsky or George Soros until reading Aquila’s letters.  Pearsall should be glad Aquila was able to provide her information on these people who have had great influence on Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party.  Hillary Clinton actually wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky and George Soros is a major financial force of the Democrat Party.  Both are admitted Marxist as  Aquila pointed out and Saul Alinsky did dedicate his book to the devil as Aquila pointed out.   Aquila also stated the devil is a Democrat; but did not call Democrats devils.  Aquila just laid down the facts.  Facts are facts and you can’t change the truth just because you don’t like the facts or you haven’t heard of these people.

Another point I find hypocritical of Pearsall is her criticism of Aquila while ignoring the insults of Larry Baca in his letter, ironically posted on the same day. Baca wrote,“ If one could peer into his brain, we would see, beyond the fetid swamp gas seeping from the narrow creases of his brain, only the acrid shallows of intolerant fundamentalist theology and the slippery moss of Right-Wing ideology.” Baca’s rambling insults have never added any substance to an argument.  He provides no facts; but only an unintelligent rant.  

Another irony supporting Aquila’s letter is the release of a video by James O’Keefe the same day showing the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee collaborating in a conspiracy to organize provocative tactics of violence and violent images at Trump rallies to create the perception that Trump is the one causing everything to be dangerous and divisive.  The planned violence and civil unrest was approved by Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and funded by George Soros.  These are the “haters” Aquila wrote about in his letter.  The narrative was to mislead the facts, distorting the truth to paint a false picture.

Pearsall and Baca may not like the facts; but if facts can be supported, it becomes truth.  And sometimes the truth hurts.


Amy Sullivan