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Re-elect Kuil to protect our waster
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

One of our State’s biggest issues right now is water rights. If this issue is not addressed with a balance of historical knowledge and an eye to the future our great State could find itself in the midst of a disastrous divide and our local cities could be left with limited water rights. 

We need to look to maintaining a viable and affordable clean water source for our cities and water for our farms as we continue to maintain local ag jobs and produce food products from our farms to serve the world. This leadership can be found in incumbent South San Joaquin Irrigation District Director Dale Kuil. 

Kuil has not only the historical knowledge but also an eye to tomorrow’s needs for all of our families. A second generation farmer with sons, grandchildren and a great grandchild he understands the water issues and how what we do today will set the tone for  the water we will have available for the future. Let’s make sure we maintain a safe, viable, affordable water source for all our needs that we control. Vote Dale Kuil SSJID Director to protect our water.

Elizabeth Demichelis