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School trustees should resign now
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This Manteca Unified School District is like watching an episode “Game of Thrones”. This is all disgusting. Is this the best we can do Manteca? Whether it’s alleged voter fraud, food stamp fraud, nepotism, shameless self promotion or broken promises to parents and teachers.

 It appears each of the players feel entitled to have a hand in the public cookie jar questionably or illegally for their own selfish reasons. It’s demoralizing to those who have trusted you. Now nearly half the school board has felony charges or has been targeted in criminal investigations.

Trust, truth, virtue, honor, Integrity and character, do they mean anything to you? Get out! Leave us! You should be forced to pay back every cent from the corrupt harm you have done, the cost of a new election and the pay you have received. The other things, the people you have hurt, I just don’t know how you put a price on. May the damage you have done follow you the rest of your life. Resign now.


Paul A. Schmitt