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The price of Democrats reversing our course
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Last year at this time, the Democrats were giving thanks that they were now in full control of this country.  They were saying how much better this country will be a year from then.  A decade ago, the Republicans were the majority and in quasi control of this country.  The Democrats began blaming every issue on Mr. Bush’s policies and the Republicans.  They could not and did not articulate what policies were causing the problems.  They said that it is the “failed policies of Mr. Bush” so many times that the general population created imaginary actions and economic relationships that blinded sound judgment.  This caused resentment, hostility, and anger to grow so much so that the Democrat supporters attacked any Republican.  

How many times had Mr. Baca attacked Republican writers and accused them of being from the fourth dimension?  Mr. Baca, Mr. Sadlowski, and Ms. Pearsall all used any kind of ill conceived logic to ridicule Republican writers such as myself.  As 10.2% of this nation’s unemployed workers (12% of California) suffer through these holidays, it is becoming clear that it is the failed policies of the Democrats that caused this economic mess and recession.  Let’s look back at several key actions by the Democrats that led up to the current state of this nation.  Under the Clinton administration, Andrew. Cumo sued Citi-bank for “discriminatory” lending practices to the tune of over $2 billion.  The old lending practices changed from rationale based lending to risk based lending.  Because of this, sub-prime lending became the norm.  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, under Mr. Raines, a Democrat, pushed reckless lending even further.  He was allowed to do this because through the support of Mr. Dodd, Mr. Franks, and other fellow Democrats.  The Republicans and the Bush administration tried to reform Freddie and Fannie to no avail.  These actions caused the housing market to explode from a single digit growth rate to a double digit growth rate.  Remember how much the Democrats touted their actions for causing an increase of home ownership and that Republicans tried to hinder this growth in home ownership?

In all of my past letters, the Democrats could not articulate what “policies” failed and caused the financial collapse while I presented a cornucopia of evidence and information to support my position that this was caused by the Democrats.  In 1998, Ms. Boxer introduced a bill to increase the H1B visa entry count from 65,000 per year to 200,000 year.  This caused the wages for highly skilled workers to drop dramatically.  Then the dot com bust happened.  The wages dropped even more.  The Democrats have continued to support an unfettered immigration policy.  Even today they are supporting illegal alien immigration policies.  Look at how San Francisco supports illegal immigrants while punishing the citizens of this country.  In November 2006 the Democrats became the majority.  Seven months later (2007) the unemployment rate reversed its decline and started to rise.  It has gone up month after month since.  It has been over three decades since America has had an unemployment rate this high.  Low skill and no skill workers are the majority out of work.  The Republicans tried to curb the tide of illegal aliens crossing the border while the Democrats attacked our position.  Illegal aliens are mostly low skill and no skill labor.  The Democrats called for “real” reform on the immigration policy during the Bush and Republican era but blocked any effort toward reform.  Now the Democrats are silent about any immigration reform.  I have postulated in past letters about a lower unemployment number if illegal immigrants left...

… Economists predict that the unemployment rate will not turn around until second quarter 2010.  Some predict it won’t happen until  second quarter 2012.  The trend is clear, as America has come under the control of the Democrats, the worst off the great country becomes.  It is the contradicting policies of the Democrats that are causing America’s problems.  To prove this point, ask yourself, are you better off now or in 2006 when this country reversed course under the Democrats?  If you like the direction this country is going, thank Democrats.  If not, don’t blame me, I voted Republican.

Scott McComas
Nov. 26, 2009