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This is how MUSD spends on kids safety?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In a recent edition of the Manteca Bulletin shows Manteca Unified Deputy Superintendent Clark Burke and Director of Facilities & Operations Aaron Bowers strolling through the Lincoln School campus where millions of Measure G tax dollars paid by Manteca taxpayers were shelled out.
Burke and Bowers apparently made sure Bulletin photographer Hime Romero didn’t show the ugly water pipes and valves standing in front of the new multipurpose room that was part of the $10.3 million bond project.
Why didn’t Bowers do the right thing and but a screen over these ugly pipes as they can pose a serious safety concern with children climbing on them? Signs were placed on them, however, warning people to stay away. No doubt the district got these signs at Dollar Tree or a yard sale given how nice they look.
Perhaps Bowers got the signs from the Five Man Electrical band, a popular rock band from years past that had a song named “Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign”.
Is this the way out tax dollars are going to be spent on health, safety, and modernization projects?
Let’s do the job right.
Every school in Manteca Unified should have safety screens over the pipes and values that can be found usually at the front entrance to campuses.
After all, teacher leader Ken Johnson made a point of pushing the school bond as Measure G being for the safety of kids.
Thousands can be spent on a new monument sign for Lincoln School but only a handful of change for just signs warning kids to stay away from the pipes and valves.

Fred Millner