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Six mayors & being a SHARP in Manteca
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The morning teaser ... How many Manteca ex mayors are still living? Well let’s see, there’s Mark Oliver, Bill Phillips, Rick Wentworth, Frank Warren, Carlon Perry and yours truly ... Three of the above members belong to the Rotary Club ... One was a member of the Lions Club ... Mark Oliver is considered by some to be “Mr. Manteca Rotary” ... Of course the title of “Mr. Manteca Historian” belongs to Ken Hafer ... Aldo Brocchini will be missed from our community. He was highly respected and that was apparent by the who’s who list in attendance at his services.

• • •
The plans for the street fair may include a demonstration of food preparations by such notaries as mayor Willie Weatherford, well known for his barbecue chicken. How about Barbara Snyder’s hot dog soup?

Those of you that are looking for an evening out might want to try the happy hour festivities at Isadore’s or their Sunday Brunch for some good Mexican food. You may want to stop by one of Mike Atherton’s favorites -  Taqueria Yvette - or Applebee’s. New China is one of my favorites, Chili’s salmon is on my list also, Carlos - one of their libations mixer - had a birthday last week. He also is very active at East Union High School coaching in their sports program.

Manteca is blessed to have an excellent choice of good restaurants to fit all of your tastes.

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Did you know that when you go on vacation you can request the Manteca Police SHARP group to check your house while you are gone and it’s free. Just call dispatch at the Police Department to make arrangements. By the way are you tired of looking at four walls...bored and looking for something to do? Why not check out the SHARP unit, call me at 823-7378.

A closing thought...remember when you get up in the morning to stand and get your body parts moving in the same direction at the same time. It could be your biggest challenge of the day.