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Blending outdoor with indoor living gaining traction with homeowners
Nathalie and Georgiann Rose are shown outside of Spaces. - photo by DENNIS WYATT

You can never accuse Georgiann Rose of simply taking up space.

The Manteca native with a knack for design likes creating spaces that not only personify a client’s home or business but will stand the test of time.

Add to that Manteca’s unique location that blends lifestyles from the Bay Area and the Central Valley to the foothills and you have all of the ingredients necessary to make spaces that enrich function by creating a true sense of place.

That’s why the name of her latest design concern - Spaces - flows as natural as one of her trademark home interiors where her greatest joy is to seamlessly wed indoor with outdoor living.

And this is a perfect time to build upon her design expertise.

“It’s a different market than it was five years ago,” Rose said. “People are buying homes now with the intent to stay put. They want their home to complement their lifestyle.”

Rose and her fellow designer and daughter-in-law Nathalie are able to create designs not by simply drawing on their expertise but by listening to clients so well that they come up with results that are true extensions of clients’ personalities.

It’s not simply a “wow” factor at first glance. They strive to devise designs that literally stand the test of time by being an extension of a client’s personality - or business so much that it delights the client every time they step through their own door.

Rose also has a strong passion for flowing a home into outdoor living spaces. That so far has run the gamut of an outdoor shower that provides a feeling of bathing in a rain-kissed garden to full-scale outdoor kitchens complete with garbage disposal and trendy touches such as pizza ovens.

Her dream project for a client is to create an outdoor bedroom that builds on the traditional summer porch where 60 years ago people in the valley took advantage of gentle night breezes to wake up refreshed in the morning.

If you want to see the handiwork of the mother and daughter-in-law team that bring complementing strengths to the table you need to look no farther than their own office at 208 W. North St. on the corner of Maple Avenue.

They have made the most out of 1,150 square feet of a building that previously housed an accounting firm. They have transformed an interior that once closer resembled Ebenezer Scrooge’s business office complete with minimal natural light and endless filing cabinets to a space with a grandiose look yet is significantly more intimate than it was before. It also showcases the repertoire of services that spaces can provide as well as the other crafts that they can coordinate for projects.

The stunning crown moulding is one example. It not only capitalized on the 10-foot ceilings but it did so in a manner that made the rooms seem bigger and airier. The crown mouldings represent one craftsmen’s work they have access to. Mike Webb fashioned them from solid wood ensuring the integrity of the moulding and the virtually flawless look.

The office touches on other craftsmen’s expertise whether it is installing wood floor and tile work to custom cabinets.


More than just

residential design

Spaces are also in demand for nonresidential projects such as stores, offices, and medical facilities.

In fact, their current projects are split between two homes as well as Steve’s Chevrolet in Chowchilla and a fine dining establishment expected to debut in Manteca when December rolls around.

When that restaurant does open - Ernie’s Fine Dining - in the Casino Real complex on North Main Street that also includes the Rendezvous Room - it will showcase Spaces’ handiwork.

They took the space that once housed the original Main Street Cafe and created a dining and lounge area that might best be described as urban swank with elegance and intimacy cleverly weaved together to accommodate 50 diners.

They accomplished the look with clean lines and simplicity that is aimed to create a total experience to be served with what the owners’ promise will be world-class dining.

Georgiann brings 25 years of awarding-winning design based upon the principles of personal attention and integrity to create spaces that make your place complete. Nathalie has 12 years experience in flooring, natural stone and tile, as well as window treatments.

Services Spaces provides include design consultation, space planning, custom home interior design, redesign, home staging, project coordination, kitchen and bath projects, outdoor living design, real estate enhancement and staging, selection and procurement of finish materials, carpet/hardwood/tile, finish plans and finish legends, millwork designs and drawings, furniture layouts, wallpaper, window coverings including the selection as well as coordination and installation, and accessories.

Their web site is or call 815-9021.