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CSU Stanislaus housing assistant director offers tips
dorm room pic
According to CSU Stanislaus Housing & Residential Life Assistant Director Rebekah Gregory, students can decorate their rooms with artful throw pillows and vibrant area rugs to make their dorm feel more like home. - photo by 209 file photo

A student’s dorm is just as much a reflection of who they are as the outfit they meticulously decide to wear on the first day of school.

According to California State University, Stanislaus Assistant Director of Housing & Residential Life Rebekah Gregory, who also lived on her college campus when she was student, said that there is much more to decorating a dorm room than the basics.

“Students are putting more effort into decorating in general in order to make their rooms homier,” said Gregory. “Back in the day when I was living on campus, students just hung up a poster or two and that was it.”

“Now students are super creative and they love expressing that through decorating,” continued Gregory.

Gregory, who has worked in Housing & Residential Life at CSU Stanislaus for the past three years, noted that a significant number of students are opting to decorate their rooms with tapestries, twinkle lights and unique personal designs.

“Students like to print a lot of pictures and create montages,” said Gregory. “They will cover the entire wall with pictures that they’ve printed out and it almost looks like really cool wallpaper.”

Students may also choose to decorate common living areas with artful throw pillows, colorful shower curtains, potted plants, vibrant area rugs and expressive banners.

“I think it makes people feel much more comfortable and welcoming for friends,” said Gregory.

When it comes to what she thinks is the most important item a student should not forget to bring to their dorm, however, Gregory’s answer strayed from decorative items.

“Toilet paper and trash bags,” said Gregory. “Students usually forget to bring either one or think we supply them or their parents only leave them with a limited supply and they run out after one week.”

“Then when they run out and nobody has paper towels, it usually turns into a fight when roommates are deciding whose responsibility it is to get more,” continued Gregory.

Overall, Gregory noted that although students can hope to make an impression with their dorm room décor, the most effective way to stand out is to be open to meeting new roommates and people as they acclimate to living in a campus community.

“It will make you a better person in the long run,” said Gregory. “Most students are used to having their own space or are afraid of living with roommates, but I think living with roommates forces people to mature in a lot of ways.”