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Once on a Halloween far, far away . . .
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Rachel Archerdale loves Star Wars.

The original – Episode 4 – and the subsequent releases that her father watched constantly when she was growing up.

So while her friends are putting the grown-up spin on classic costumes for Halloween –  spicing up classics like the ghost and the Wolfman – she’ll be breathing new life into the character that she always closest identified with from the canon universe that she knows more about than anybody else her age.

“Princess Leia for sure – I was her when I was much younger and the first three movies came out, but now it makes much more sense.” Archerdale said. “I love these movies and I’m going to put my own unique spin on this to make it mine. All of my friends are doing the same old thing but I want this to be mine – I want to be known as Princess Leia.”

In a year when Minions and Batman characters are supposed to dominate the youth market – thanks to a smash movie this summer and the rebirth of the iconic Gotham signature with an origin story, Archerdale is part of a growing contingent that will pay tribute the George Lucas universe that will be rekindled at Christmas when the an extension of the original storyline is continued with the seventh episode of the Star Wars franchise.

Paul Marcin, for example, is going to his high school party dressed as the iconic Han Solo – ecstatic that Harrison Ford has reprised his role as the intergalactic bounty hunter that was frozen in carbonite in order to aid in his delivery to the hated Jabba The Hut – and also reprising a role that he took on when he was a child.

“When my dad was in high school Star Wars was super popular and the movie is making it popular again amongst kids my age,” Marcin said. “Han Solo is just so cool and knowing that I’ll get to see the Star Wars at the end of the year makes this Halloween much sweeter.

“It’s the greatest movie franchise ever made. And now I’m going play one of its greatest characters. It’s hard to beat that.”

Other popular high school costumes this year for women, according to Archerdale, include the Disney princesses from the movie Frozen as well as Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn and other classic Disney characters.

Marcin said that he has friends that are going as popular video game characters – Halo’s Master Chief and Assassin’s Creed main character Desmond – as well as timeless classic superheroes.