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Extreme athletes target of local snack food company
State Of X snack food company owners Tommy Tickenoff and Jared Van Duyn use local nuts to help power up their mixes. - photo by Nancy Angel

When Turlocker Tommy Tickenoff decided to start his own business, he combined his love of sports and his knowledge of nutrition to create a power snack for athletes.

State Of X snacks gives its consumers the nutrients and energy to kick off their day, with great taste. BackCountry Mix, a favorite snack of local athletes, according to Tickenoff, contains roasted almonds that are grown right here in the Valley.

“We purchase our nuts through Hughson Mid Valley Nut Company,” said Tickenoff.  “BackCountry Mix also contains chocolate, raisins, and pineapple – which all can help stimulate your body and give you a balanced boost of natural energy.”

State of X was founded in 2011 by Tickenoff and Jared Van Duyn.  They combined their love of extreme sports with products that appeal to action sports enthusiasts.  State of X snacks also come in chili lemon and ranch corn nuggets.

“Our brand is committed to those that live active lifestyles and crave adrenaline through speed and amplitude,” said Tickenoff. “Basically, our snack line features items that combine taste, nutrients, and can handle your lifestyle on the go.”

Tickenoff and Van Duyn market their snacks by sponsoring extreme athletes and events.

“This product is a reflection of who we are,” added Tickenoff.  “We market to surfers, skaters, mountain bikers, and sponsor them as well.”

State Of X can be found at sport shop Bike Works, located on 11 East Main St., in Turlock.

“We want our merchandise to be kept local,” said Tickenoff. “We are working towards buying the rest of our products from more local sources and to continue in providing our athletes with different alternatives to help them keep up with their active lifestyle.”



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