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A teen center for Manteca?
Phone survey says its needed
teen centerT
Lathrops Generation Center includes a teen center and a library. A phone survey noted Manteca residents would like to see a teen center. - photo by Bulletin file photo

The lack of a teen center and a water park are among the  biggest shortcomings  in Manteca’s park  system.

That’s based on a phone survey of city residents conducted by consultants being paid $475,000 to put together Manteca’s Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

The phone survey is part of an update report that the Manteca Planning Commission will receive when they meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St. The update will go before the City Council on Nov. 17.

Eight percent of those contacted by phone wanted a teen club while another 8 percent wanted a water park.

 The survey also indicated:

6 percent want a dog park.

4 percent want an indoor recreation pool.

4 percent want indoor basketball.

3 percent want roller skating.

3 percent want more trails.

3 percent want an outdoor pool.

Those attending a series of workshops listed the more pressing needs as an aquatic center, community center, amphitheater/swimming pools, and expanded library, fixing the parking at Woodward Park, teen/youth center, picnic facilities, amphitheater, and a dog park.

The consultants have completed the needs assessment portion of the master plan.

They have concluded Manteca — even though it has 343.14 acres of parks —  needs an additional 21.26 acres of parks to serve its current residents based on City Council adopted standards of service.

By 2035 that deficit will increase to 241.91 acres if no additional parks are put in place.

 The consultants conclude that current recreation facilities such as softball and baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, swimming pool, indoor basketball facilities, senior center and library are either exactly where they should be in terms of the number of each particular facility or there is slightly more or less.

If no additional facilities are added by 2035, Manteca will be short 3.9 softball fields, 11.2 baseball fields, 4.1 football fields, 15.8 soccer fields, 1.3 swimming pools, 4.2 tennis courts, 1.3 indoor basketball facilities, 0.4 community centers, and 0.4 libraries.

The report makes no reference to the adequacy of existing facilities. Instead it simply inventories them. That’s why a number of people  at workshops argued the senior center and library, for example, are inadequate for current needs.


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