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The debate: 6-foot versus 7-foot fences
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Lawrence Scrivner is among the Manteca residents weighing in on the debate before the Manteca Planning Commission Tuesday — and ultimately the Manteca City Council — about upping the legal allowable residential fence heights from 6 feet to 7 feet.

“I had a chase go through my yard 10 years ago when a man jumped my fence,” Scrivner noted in an e-mail. “If it was 7-foot tall he may have had trouble getting over. He got over. Marlene heard a noise. I went out and was (face-to-face) with a gun in the dark. The police did nothing wrong.  They should use a loud speaker or knock and let us know you (the police) are entering our yard us for us to stay in the house.”

Scrivner noted if a suspect jumps his back fence police can kick out two one by ten boards at no cost to the department as he will gladly replace for them for the police doing their job. 

Another point Scrivner makes regarding fences is privacy and not knowing who lives next door or behind you. 

He relates how three years ago SWAT came to the door asking permission to enter his backyard. Scrivner said they told officers to do what they needed to do and that they did a good job.

“The house behind us they (the police) were at eight times and this time he was headed to my fence and they were waiting and did a good grab and good job,” Scrivner said.

He made some other observations as well.

“Gangs send young people around to do ‘swipe and run’,” he noted. (It) has cost me one lawn mower.”

He noted another entry into his back yard over his fence in years ago cost them tools a saw and grinder as thieves got into his garage. 

“I decided to fix these areas as to make a claim would raise my insurance 40 % or (else I’d have) big deductibles.”

 It is why Scrivner would like to see the City Council provide Police Chief Nick Obligacion with five more officers.

The Planning Commission will consider recommending upping the fence heights when they meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.


The birds return

to Food-4-Less

You can combine bird watching while grocery shopping at the Manteca Food-4-Less on Spreckels Avenue.

Customers reported at least two birds flying around the store on Saturday.

In the past, birds have made nests in the store rafters.