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Trash always overflows on Moffat Blvd
with town MOFFAT copy
The Inn by the Station dumpster is overflowing with trash.

Want to make Manteca more appealing?

Perhaps urging the powers that be to not allow people to trash the city by enforcing rules when it comes to City of Manteca property and right of way would be a start.

For months, the owner of the Inn by the Station (known for years as the Rose Motel) has had an overflowing dumpster that greets travelers on Moffat Boulevard. One of two things are obvious. The dumpster is too small for the motel or else it is being used as a dump spot for half of Manteca.

Either which way city rules can be enforced to make sure this doesn’t keep happening again and again.

But then again maybe it is OK to have overflowing trash bins on main thoroughfares on the edge of downtown. As one homeowner around the corner from the motel pointed out, the reason downtown may be in a holding pattern is the lack of rules being enforced on absentee property owners. She is correct in noting the owner of the Inn by the Station — who owns a bunch of other property — doesn’t live there and probably makes rare visits unless he is being summoned by threat of health and safety closure.

A fenced off enclosure with slats might do the trick but short of that the city should look into its ordinances and see if there are any rules requiring property owners and/or tenants to have adequate trash bins.

Just dump your

trash in the street

And while we are on the subject of trash along major streets, how long is the garbage going to sit in the bike lane on Industrial Park Drive across from the Postal Annex?

It’s been more seven days since crews cleaning an adjacent field piled the rubbish in the street.

Is it OK now to dump trash in bike lanes and/or city streets and leave it there?

Where to locate

city dog park?

The Manteca Parks and Recreation Commission on Thursday is seeking community input for the best location for a dog park.

They meet at 7 p.m. at the council chambers at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

On the list of possibilities is city land adjacent to the animal shelter at Wetmore and South Main streets.

It would seem such a location would serve a dual purpose — create synergy for the animal shelter with adoption and volunteer efforts as well as provide a central location that is high profile without being intrusive.

At the end of the day a dog park has to be maintained and not create issues for neighbors. Outside of thinning trees in front of the golf course or on the northeast corner of Woodward Park, the other locations suggested have the potential to create conflict.

Converting part of a neighborhood park would have the same issues.

The city property adjacent to the animal shelter would have only the city corporation yard as a neighbor and the railroad tracks. Yet it is central to all of Manteca and just a couple hundred yards off the Tidewater Bikeway.

As for parking, there are some spaces at the animal shelter but more important there is plenty of nearby unused on-street parking.

Besides what better combo than an animal shelter and dog park?