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Cancer Center welcomes radiation oncologist to staff
Yip-DSC 9797
Oncologist Dr. Darwin Yip, M.D. joins Valley Cancer Medical Center. - photo by Photo Contributed

Dr. Darwin Yip, M.D.,  has joined the staff of the Valley Cancer Medical Center in Manteca as its first full-time radiation oncologist at the state-of-the-art facility located in the 1100 block of Norman Drive. 

He was welcomed by the developer and director of the cancer center Dr. Amarjit S. Dhaliwal.

“I’m really excited to come to this center because this is how medicine should be practiced.  It is cancer care all under one roof – that is the mantra,” he said, adding that the Doctors Hospital Imaging Center is another benefit being right next door.

Dr. Yip was granted a fellowship at Harvard where he trained some of the top experts in the world with the most “cutting edge” techniques.  In his second week at the Manteca center he treated 19 patients a day in the facility.

He is also about to launch the practice of Radiosurgery in Manteca for the treatment of cancer focusing radiation therapy on the central area of a tumor having proved to be an effective tool in the elimination of cancer compared to the cutting alternative.

Dr. Jing Wang is the medical physicist working on the cancer center team.

Dr. Yip grew up in Oahu where he grew to love the ocean and especially the chance to surf.  At age 12 his family moved stateside where he attended high school and moved on to college with a passion for math.

He remembers his first grade teacher well as an educator who always made learning fun and got him deeply involved in math at a young age making it so interesting for him.  He said he will remember her for the rest of his life.

Dr. Yip noted that he is a cancer specialist first with radiation coming second in his practice blending the two together for the best results for the patients.

The new oncologist served in the Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University for both his Bachelor’s and M.D. degrees.  He served his residency in Radiation Oncology at Queen’s University.  Dr. Yip is a Clinical Fellow at Harvard Medical School practicing at the Massachusetts General Hospital.