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Coming this fall: Going Digital tours
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Manteca Unified is launching educational tours for community members this fall to help people understand how the Going Digital initiative is being used to enhance learning in the classroom.

Superintendent Jason Messer is planning a series of tours with five to six individuals in each group to see how the tablets are being used day-to-day in the classroom.

“We want people to get an understanding of how the tablets are being used and how effective they are,” Messer said.

Messer said the hope is to have business people, parents, and community members that may not have children or grandchildren in school to get a better understanding of the $30 million undertaking.

The tablets have been issued to every one of the district’s 23,500 students.

Messer said teachers are preparing to step up integrating the devices into daily lesson plans this upcoming school year. They were first issued in February.

The devices were all collected at the end of school in May for upgrades and maintenance.

Messer noted that due to such needs the district has decided that the devices won’t be going home with students during future summer vacations as previously thought possible.

Details about the tours will are available in August.