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The last dance for Club Leon?
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Manteca Police Chief Dave Bricker isn’t dancing around the issue – he wants Club Leon’s dance hall permit denied.

San Jose resident Francisco Luis Acre, the owner of the billiards/dance hall in downtown Manteca at 220 W. Yosemite Avenue, wants the City Council to reverse the Manteca Police Department’s denial of their request to renew their dance hall permit. The council will consider that request Tuesday at 7 p.m. during the City Council meeting at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

Bricker denied the permit for a number of reasons including minors – as many as five at a time - being found repeatedly in the business that also has a bar.
Other reasons include:

•an incident where police responded to Food-4-Less on April 11 and found Club Leon employees trying to pass counterfeit money to purchase alcohol for the bar. It is a violation of the Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations to buy alcohol for a bar at a retailer like Food-4-Less.

•the doors being locked in violation of the fire code.

•The dance hall being over the legal capacity.

•a male patron who said he was assaulted by a club bouncer.

•fights including one where a female showed up at Kaiser Hospital saying she was the victim of a battery at the club.

•ABC agents also finding minors in the bar or more than one occasion.

•officers responding to a number of fights at the bar as well as in the business’s rear parking lot in the rear.
•40 calls for service at the business since June 1, 2008.
•numerous complaints from surrounding business owners regarding public intoxication, urination, vandalism, and trash resulting from Club Leon.

•the ABC has suspended the alcohol license twice in the last year for the previously listed violations.

•the class history for Club Leon is substantially higher than any other businesses in Manteca including establishments serving alcohol. The only difference between the other businesses and Club Leon is the fact it is a dance hall.

Bricker met on Aug. 1, 2008 with Club Leon manager Christina Aragon and her security personnel to discuss ongoing alcohol violations and violence issues in and around the business. They were told at the time continued problems would place their permits in jeopardy.

Acre, as the new applicant, is seeking a 60-day extension. He also wants Club Leon to be able to operate a dance hall permit during that period.

He indicated in a letter he shared the concerns of the police department and is meeting with a business consultant and his lawyer to devise a proposal to address the issues.