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Kiwanis rule, not city law on motorcycle club garb
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Banning the wearing of gang colors and motorcycle club regalia from downtown Manteca during the Pumpkin Fair was possible because in issuing permits the city essentially turned over control of the streets to the Sunrise Kiwanis.

The service club – just like the Manteca Convention & Visitors Bureau with its April street fair – established the no gang colors or motorcycle club vest rules according to Police Chief Dave Bricker.

Manteca Police based on those requests for the past 10 years have asked anyone wearing gang colors or motorcycle club affiliations to remove them or else leave the fair.

The police would not have the same authority except when the street is in control of a third party to stage an event. In other words, under normal conditions police could not legally make such a request.

Two members of Bikers for Christ were asked to comply with the policy by police during this year’s Pumpkin Fair or else leave the premises. They complied for a short time but after they turned a corner away from the sight of police they turned their vests with their ministerial colors back out. When they were approached the second time they were told by police in no uncertain terms to leave the fair.

Bricker noted there were at least three other motorcycle club members with different affiliations who were asked to cover up or remove symbols of their affiliation. They complied.