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1st $100 Pumpkin Found
Pumpkin-Van-Groningen--DSC 6470-LT
A field of unusually large pumpkins can be seen in a Van Groningen field on South Jack Tone Road just north of the firms offices at nearby French Camp Road north of Five Corners. A large packing operation is located just to the north of the field to be harvested. - photo by GLENN KAHL

The first $100 Manteca Bulletin Pumpkin Hunt prize has been claimed.

The pumpkin was found behind a tree at Springport Park next to Joshua Cowell School on Pestana Avenue.

The clues were as follows:

My father is next door — A reference to Joshua Cowell School named after the man who founded the community and is considered “The Father of Manteca”.

Popular wildflower in Georgia — It’s azaleas. Azalea Drive borders the park’s northern side.

He’s the Manteca Idol — Simon Cowell of “American Idol” fame and Joshua Cowell is of Manteca Idol fame.

It’s by an eyelash — Pestana is Portuguese for “eyelash”. The park where the pumpkin was placed is on Pestana Avenue.