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Anderson lands roles on HBO, Netflix
anderson pix.jpg
Jim Anderson, who has been making forays into Hollywood and fulfilling his lifelong dreams, recently booked a role on the film version of HBO series Deadwood, as well as smash Netflix series. - photo by Photo Contributed

As somebody that always wanted to be in movies, the past work that Jim Anderson landed – including a role that earned him a trip to the Sundance Film Festival – would have been enough to make his dreams come true. 

But with the news that he has booked a pair of new acting roles – one on the long-awaited HBO film version of the popular western series Deadwood, and the other a smash Netflix hit he can’t disclose because of a non-disclosure agreement – the retired Sheriff’s Deputy and singer is in the rare position of getting to live his dreams over and over again. 

And he couldn’t be happier. 

“If there’s one word to say how I feel, it’s blessed,” Anderson said. “I can’t say that I’m anything less than blessed with everything in my life – I’m doing what I always wanted to do, I have a wonderful woman by my side that is pointing the right way, and things going well. 

“I’m definitely blessed.”

On Thursday, Anderson found out that HBO executives selected him to serve as one of the henchmen for actor Gerald McRaney – who plays ruthless prospector George Hearst. He’ll return to the Melody Ranch in Newhall, the movie studio that was one time owned by Gene Autry, to start shooting his scenes next month. He will likely spend at least two months down in Southern California on the recreation of the lawless South Dakota mining town.

The show stars Beyer High School graduate Timothy Olyphant, who plays famed lawman Seth Bullock, and Golden Globe winner Ian McShane, who plays saloon owner Al Swearangen. 

But that’s far from the only thing that the former Sierra High School freshman football coach has going on. 

The Netflix series that he has a part in will be shooting at around the same time on location in Northern California, meaning that he’ll be bouncing around the state doing the thing that he always wanted to do. 

Somewhere in there, he says, he’s going to finally start working on the country album he has planning for months, and is already preparing for shows next year that he and his band, the Rebels, will travel to. 

“I’m coming back from Los Angeles right now and I just have this silly grin on my face,” Anderson said. “I happened to get lucky – I’m blessed, excited, and nervous all at the same time.

“It’s exciting that all of these big things are happening.”

Anderson also said that he’ll me making a trip to Sierra High School soon to speak to the drama and theater students about his recent exploits in Hollywood – something that he agreed to do even before he book the two most recent roles that will keep him busy well into next year. 

Earlier this year he took ownership of the laundromat on N. Main Street and rechristened it Anderson’s Laundry Room, and just recently finished the 1950’s era upgrades that he hopes will make it something that people will enjoy.

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