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District will replace Ripon High visitors’ bleachers
The visitors’ side bleachers were added to the plans by WLC Architect for the Ripon High School Stadium Ticket Booth & Restrooms. - photo by Photo Contributed

The plans for the Ripon High Stadium Ticket Booth and Restrooms will include visitors’s side bleachers.

During a special session on Friday, the Ripon Unified school board gave the go-ahead on this new addition.

“We need to complete the project,” Superintendent Ziggy Robeson said.

She’s hoping that this will be the last piece of renovations of Stouffer Field initiated about 12 years ago by the Ripon Community Athletic Foundation.

“We’re so grateful for RUSD moving forward with this,” said Stephanie Hobbs of RCAF via social media. “They’ve been working on this for a while now.”

Trustees approved the architectural pre-plan designs for the RHS Ticket Booth & Restrooms by WLC Architects at their Nov. 4 meeting.

The visitor bleachers, according to the plans, would have a seating for about 512, bringing the overall seating capacity to 1,415.

Robeson indicated that the cost for the new addition to the plans would be far less than the home bleachers seating of 902 with a press box and other amenities.

The big piece of this next project for Stouffer Field is the new restrooms.

“This is something that we really need,” said Robeson on what’s been described as “unacceptable, uncomfortable, and in desperate need of replacing” on the RCAF website.

As for the next step, the plans will be forwarded to the Division of State Architects in Sacramento.

The design by WLC Architects call for the two ticket booth structures placed in a “V” angle of sort at the entrance of Stouffer Field.

One side would consist of the men’s restrooms coupled with one single-occupancy restroom while the other side would be that of the women’s restroom along with a small custodian room.

In addition, a circular concrete pavement with fencing located inside both ticket booths would allow use of the restroom facilities during baseball season while closing off the football / track side of the stadium.

“This (project) has been a great partnership between the school district and RCAF,” Robeson said.