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Manteca man convicted of beating 71-year-old now faces charges in Oakland murder & robbery
Tyrone McAllister
Tyrone McAllister

Tyrone McAllister – the 19-year-old from Manteca that was sentenced to a year in the San Joaquin County Jail back in December for the vicious beating of a 71-year-old Sikh man that was captured on a security camera – has once again been arrested. 

And this time, the county jail doesn’t seem like an option. 

McAllister was charged on Wednesday with murder with a special circumstance enhancement after he and another man, 28-year-old Dennis Evans, allegedly shot a 32-year-old during a robbery in Oakland on Aug. 20.  

Both men were identified through surveillance camera footage, and neither appeared to know the victim before the incident took place. Police believe that they also robbed another man in East Oakland just hours before the shooting. 

According to media reports, in a text message Evans communicated to somebody else that he and McAllister were looking for victims to rob, and that McAllister had shot somebody. 

Both men are currently being held in the Santa Rita Jail on murder charges with special circumstances, and McAllister is also being charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and carrying a loaded firearm in a city. 

McAllister made regional headlines back in August of 2018 when he and a juvenile approached a 71-year-old Sikh man – Sahib Singh Natt – who was walking around Manteca’s Greystone Park and attempted to rob him. During the altercation the man was knocked to the ground and violently assaulted. 

In the video of the altercation that was captured by the home security camera of a neighbor across the street from Graystone Park, McAllister – wearing the same black “True Religion” hooded sweatshirt that helped internet sleuths identify him on social media accounts – can be seen delivering the initial kick that knocked the elderly man to the ground and onto his back where he hit his head on the asphalt. After the man tried to get up from the ground, McAllister can be observed kicking something he was holding in his hands away from him, and after a brief moment where the 71-year-old grandfather tries to defend himself against his attackers, McAllister then appears to kick him a second time – knocking him to the ground again. 

He then walks up to the man and appears to rip something off of his neck before walking away. 

While it appeared that he was walking away as the man lay on the ground, McAllister then comes back into the frame and starts delivering kicks to the side of the man’s body before ultimately spitting on him and walking away. 

McAllister was identified as the son of former Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister who retired from his 37-year career in law enforcement the same month that his estranged son was sentenced for the San Joaquin County Assault. The elder McAllister used the Union City Police Department’s Facebook account to issue a statement distancing himself from his son’s actions at the time and explained that he had gotten “involved with a bad crowd” and had run away from home. 

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