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New dispenser for city’s CNG station
The City of Ripon is getting a new dual hose CNG dispenser unit from ANGI Energy.

The City of Ripon’s Public Works Department has fleet vehicles that run Compressed Natural Gas.

This includes the garbage trucks.

They’re fueled at the City’s NGV / CNG station on Doak Boulevard – this is also the site of the future corporation yard – that was built in 2006, using a combination of local and federal grant funds, according to Public Works Director James Pease in his May 10 Ripon City Council report.

“The CNG fuel is priced competitively and covers the natural gas cost of PG&E, general facility operating expenses and future capital improvements / replacement,” he noted.

Now, over 15 years later, the original dual hose fueling dispenser was in need of replacement.

No discussion was necessary by elected leaders at the recent meeting on the proposal from ANGI Energy. Cost for the purchase and commission of the new dual hose CNG dispenser was about $78,000, paid via the CNG Station Capital Reserve Fund.

The fund balance back then was $203,000. Pease noted the rates of CNG at the City’s Fueling Station are designed as such that a certain amount of the revenue is transferred each year to the CNG Station Capital Reserve Fund for these types of improvements.

The facility, in addition, is equipped with diesel and regular gasoline pumps that serves Fire, Police and City vehicles.