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Sikh temple is offering 1,500 COVID-19 shots

Free COVID-19 shots are being offered next week at the Manteca Sikh temple.

There will be 1,500first doses of the Pfizer vaccine made available. Of those, 300 will be administered daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment only from Monday, April 12, through Friday, April 16.

Sikhs for Humanity is making the vaccine clinic available in Manteca. The appointments are available only for San Joaquin County residents.

To make an appointment go to

Manteca deaths from

COVID now at 109

Manteca as of Monday has had 6,781 tested positive for COVID with 96.48 percent having already recovered. The number of Manteca residents that have died is 109.

Lathrop has tallied 2,283 cases of which 97.59 percent have recovered. There have been 20 deaths in Lathrop.

Ripon also has recorded 20 deaths. There have been 1,306 people test positive in Ripon with 95.48 of those people already having recovered.

Since mid-March 2020 there have been 70,746 positive cases out of 767,000 residents in San Joaquin County. There are currently 1,304 people that are positive with COVID-19. Those testing positive do not always get sick or show symptoms.

Countywide there have been 1,328 deaths.

To date, 15,203 or 25.07 percent of the targeted Manteca population of 60,638 has been fully vaccinated. There have been 8,961 or 14.87   percent partially vaccinated. The target population is less than the city’s population as there has not been an approved vaccine for those under 16 developed yet.

Lathrop has 4,071 or 23.99 percent of the targeted population of 16,745 fully vaccinated. Another 3,155 or 18.84 percent have been partially vaccinated.

Ripon has 3,632 or 29.44 percent of the targeted population of 12,338 fully vaccinated. Another 1,602 or 12.98 percent have been partially vaccinated.

25 out of 27,000

MUSD students &

staff currently positive

Doctors Hospital of Manteca has 49 of its 71 beds in use with just two COVID patients. Five ICU beds are occupied but there are no COVID patients. Kaiser Foundation Hospital Manteca has 35 beds in use including 113 COVID patients.

Overall 68 percent or 672 beds in the seven hospitals in the county are now in use. Of those 56 or 8 percent of the beds have COVID patients.

The ICU capacity is at 98 percent with 97 beds occupied. Among the ICU beds are in use, 14 percent are COVID patients.

The Manteca Unified School District dashboard as of April 1 shows 22 students and three staff members out of 27,000 currently positive with COVID.


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