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Look-a-like barbering duo click & clip together
Barbers double DSC 9600
Always full of questions and comments of their own, two look-a-like women barbers Marianne Andrade and Michelle Moore keep their snipping and clipping beyond the ordinary in their Maple Avenue shop in downtown Manteca. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

With barber shops on the decline across the country, two female barbers operating in Dan’s old barbershop on Maple Avenue keep their clientele building beyond expectations with their line of questions and discussions.

Marianne and Michelle actually not only look alike but they say they think alike as well being the only two working in the shop.  It was Gloria Giulart who purchased the shop from Dan Southwick several years ago and hired Marianne Andrade.

Giulart returned to San Leandro and opened a barber shop in that city.

Marianne in turn ran into Michelle Moore when she was working as a greeter at Chili’s Restaurant in the Kohl’s Shopping Center.  Michelle said she was quick to make contact with Marianne, seeing her wearing the Dan’s Barber Shop apron, pointing at her and saying, “That’s where I want to work.” 

It was a year later that they became pretty much an inseparable team.  “It was destiny,” they agreed.  They went to take their state board exams on the same day, but in different years.

They said they think the same, have the same sense of humor, love movies and love talking to their clients about movies.

“Don’t come in unless you don’t want an interesting time,” Marianne quipped. Michelle added, “There are no happy endings.”

Marianne said their many senior citizens over 75 look younger than their years because of how well they take care of them. Seniors make up 20 percent of their business.

More than 80 percent of their customers are regulars, but they do get newcomers – no appointments, thank you. Business is good, and fun, they both agreed.

Their clientele includes police officers from Manteca, Escalon, Alameda County, Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Office, Tracy, along with correctional officers and one San Francisco cop including a canine officer who brought his four legged partner into the shop to meet the girls.

They said they have many clients from the Del Webb community who drive into town to get their hair cut at Dan’s.  Dan had actually worked at the shop part time for a year after the sale.

Marianne said that veterans often share their war stores that they always find more than interesting as they have their hair cut. Michelle chimed in saying they also talk about sports – Giants and A’s – and other topics they have been warned about including politics, religion and other untouchable subjects.  Marianne loves to talk sports, she said, and they can come in and talk about sports all they want.

They don’t worry much about lunch or breaks either as their clients keep them stocked with snacks and drinks along with a variety of nuts.  Marianne’s favorite flower is the rose and Michelle’s is the beauty of an orchid.  Substituting those, the girls are just fine with a honk or a wave from the guys driving by. 

Marianne said one of her customers has been calling her Lisa for some 10 years – could never remember her name.  That prompted them to put their names in red cursive on the mirrors behind their chairs – it worked.