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Manteca now collecting discarded Christmas trees
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If your Manteca garbage collection day is on Friday the city won’t collect trash and green waste until Saturday.
That’s because crews are being given the New Year’s holiday off.  Garbage Toters must be at curbside by 5 a.m. on Saturday.
Christmas tree collection is now underway and will run through Friday, Jan. 15, for trees left at curbside. All lights and ornaments must be removed. Flocked trees are fine.
After Jan. 15, you will be charged $11.59 to have the city pick up your tree.
Trees can also be taken to the Lovelace Transfer station north of Manteca on Lovelace Road between Union Road and Airport Way for disposal.
The trees are taken to Harvest Power where they are chipped into compost.
As for recycling wrapping paper in blue Toters, it is fine to do so as long as it is not shiny paper. Also, ribbon cannot be recycled.
The city is asking that all cardboard boxes be broken down before they are placed in blue Toters or put out for recycling. Whole boxes are difficult to pack into trucks.
Leaves can be put in green Toters but not leaves inside plastic bags. Leaves are sent to a compost operation. Plastic does not compost.
If you have too many leaves and need to make a pile, do so in the street a foot from the gutter. Do not put plastic bags of leaves out at curbside as they will not be picked up.
Leaf collection will continue through mid-January. The city’s leaf crew will be collecting the leaves on the day before regular street sweeping days, which occur every other week in residential areas. Residents can determine which day their area is swept by viewing the map at
 All other garden trimmings such as grass clippings and tree prunings are not included in the leaf collection program. Place these items in the yard waste collection bin (green Toter) or compost them in your backyard.
Anyone with questions should contact Facilities Maintenance Superintendent Dave Frank at 456.8476 or by using the “Contact Us” button on the top of the City’s home page ( and selecting the “Other (Streets)” topic.