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GRADUATION ROBES GENDER-NEUTRAL IN MARYLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT: ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — Out of respect for transgender students, three high schools in Maryland’s Montgomery County have begun using a single color for graduation robes to make them gender neutral.

The Washington Post ( reports Damascus, Sherwood and Walter Johnson High are no longer using separate colors for males and females.

At least five other schools in the Washington, D.C., suburb have decided to make the change next year.

Principals say letters from students played a role in the decision.

The change comes amid growing awareness of the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students nationwide.

There is no district policy about cap and gown colors in Montgomery County. Some schools have long had a single color for all graduates, but the dual-color scheme has been popular at others.


2 DAY CARE WORKERS ARRESTED IN DEATH OF GIRL LEFT IN HOT CAR: BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Police say two Louisiana day care workers were arrested after a 22-month-old girl was left in a hot vehicle for about two hours and died.

Multiple news outlets report 47-year-old Shelia Newman and 26-year-old April Wright were arrested Friday on suspicion of negligent homicide in the death of Angel Green. Newman owns the unlicensed day care in Baton Rouge. Wright is an employee there.

Authorities say Wright and Newman used a day care van to take 16 children, including Angel, to get lunch at Jehovah Ministry in Baton Rouge and forgot to get the girl out of the vehicle. Staff at the hospital told police Angel’s body temperature was 108 degrees.

Newman had recently had her day care license revoked for having too few attendants for the number of children.


AFTER SEX PREDATOR ERROR, DMV CHANGES ITS LICENSE PROCESS: ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The Florida agency that issues driver’s licenses has changed how clerks enter information into the computer system after two people were given licenses that wrongly labeled them sex offenders or predators.

An agency spokesman on Monday provided The Associated Press with a memo outlining the changes, which were implemented three weeks ago.

Under the changes, the drop-down box checked for sexual offenders has been moved away from other boxes that are checked if the driver wants to donate an organ or is dependent on insulin.

Additionally, if the sexual offender or predator box is checked, a window pops up asking, “Is this correct?”

The family of a Jacksonville man whose license was mislabeled reached a $20,000 settlement after he died.

A Lake County woman also has threatened a lawsuit.