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School board debates In God We Trust posters
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — The Franklin County School Board has decided to seek public input before permitting posters that say “In God We Trust” in local schools.

The board discussed a request from a community member to allow teachers to hang posters in classrooms featuring the motto, reported the State Journal (

Most board members at Tuesday’s meeting were hesitant to allow educators to hang the posters, fearing they could be polarizing or insensitive to some students and teachers.

“There’s no way we can make the whole community happy about this issue,” said board chairwoman Jennifer Grisham-Brown.

If the board prohibits the posters, Grisham-Brown said, it could later be forced to draw strict lines when it comes to erecting Christmas trees or singing Christmas songs at schools. That’s why any decision requires more community input, she said.

The board discussed how the issue relates to the separation of church and state. Some board members said the district must be sensitive to students of all religions, as well as those who don’t express a belief in God.

Franklin County schools spokesman Armando Arrastia said schools in the district sponsor religious clubs, like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but they are student-initiated.

Board member BeLinda Henson said despite her own religious convictions, she would not blur the lines when it comes to performing her duties as an elected school official. She referred to Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk who defied court orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her Christian convictions.

The board took no official position on the matter Tuesday. It’s unclear when it will reconsider the issue.