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Rules protecting new track
RCAF targets restrooms & bleachers next
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The rules have been set now that the Ripon Community Athletic Foundation has completed a major part of renovations to the Ripon High track and stadium.

Dedication for the all-weather track and other upgrades tallying $1.3 million in donated infrastructure was held a few weeks ago.

Vince Hobbs of RCAF estimated attendance anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500.

His prized addition is newly installed eight-lane track. “I’m a track guy – I can’t wait for track season,” Hobbs said at Monday’s Ripon Unified school board meeting.

But with it comes a set a rule necessary in maintaining the synthetic surface.

He said no gum, dogs, sunflower seeds, sodas or sports drinks (Gatorade or Powerade).

“The sugars and salts will damage the rubber,” Hobbs added. “As much as kids like Skittles, it acts just like gum.”

RCAF could request that the school district impose a cleaning fee if this rule is broken, as specified on Facebook.

The social media site also listed the community hours and access rules, including:

Access only through the new ticket booth gate.

The track can be used for daily exercise until 7:30 a.m.

The track will be open on weekends if not rented.

uPublic use will at one’s own risk – if liability issues or damage occurs, Stouffer Field access will be restricted or unavailable.

Hobbs said that the Quarterback Club recently donated $3,300 for a protective mat for the RHS stadium.

RUSD, in addition, has earmarked $100,000 to go towards new restrooms. But that process for this facility could take some time since RCAF, in hiring architect Tim Huff & Associates, would require approval from the Division of State Architect in Sacramento.

Cost for new bleachers could come up to about $1.1 million.

Hobbs indicated that the state of the current bleachers consisting of worn-out boards and broken welds.

“Right now, (RCAF) is at zero balance. We’ll again rely on fundraisers such as Rina’s Run (in May),” Vince Hobbs said.

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