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Sister Ann hosts developmentally disabled lunch
Tiffany Morrison, back, and Ana Hernandez, front, react to a guest at their table winning a raffle prize. - photo by HIME ROMERO
Ana Fonseca, Ana Hernandez, and Tiffany Morrison recalled their days at St. Anthony’s School, helping out at the various functions for Sister Ann Venita Britto and her Ministry of Caring.

Now juniors at Central Catholic High in Modesto, the three Manteca teenagers were back at their old school on Friday, assisting the Sister Ann-hosted luncheon for 32 of the developmentally disabled from Valley CAPS.

They were consumers of the CAPS Able and CAPS Plus programs.

“They look forward to coming here,” said Sister Ann of those honored at the special function held in the St. Anthony’s gym rec. room. “For them, it’s an outing that gets them away from the daily routine of the classroom.”

The event came at an opportune time for Fonseca, Hernandez and Morrison. They’ve been working diligently on various projects to fulfill their service hours as required for Central Catholic’s Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

“It was only fitting (to help Sister Ann) since we’re past students,” said Fonseca, who also volunteered her time at the school library.

Morrison, for that matter, spent time helping out at a basketball camp while Hernandez, who is the daughter of Manteca Councilman Vince Hernandez, volunteered at some of the city functions.

“I think we all helped Ana (Hernandez) out,” Fonseca said.

She along with Morrison and Hernandez along with the Ministry of Caring were quick to join in with the Valley CAPS consumers, taking part in the various activities and musical numbers during the luncheon. For example, they played a game of hot potato, with Hernandez playing a stop-and-go number on the piano.

Lunch consisted of hot dog sandwiches made possible in part by Sheila Robello, who donated the meat.

In addition, Sister Ann and her Ministry of Caring took care of the raffle prizes and the table center pieces.