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MOST PIMP CONVICTIONS TOSSED FOR FORMER SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER: RIVERSIDE (AP) — A state appeals court has thrown out nine of 12 pimping convictions of a former Southern California school board member, but his prison term remains the same.

The 4th District Court of Appeal found Monday that only three of the pimping charges against 44-year-old Mike Rios were valid. That’s one count for each of the women involved. The court found that pimping is a “continuous offense” and Rios couldn’t be found guilty of multiple counts for the same women.

But his lawyer John Schuck said that because Rios is serving his sentences concurrently, his 14 year, four-month term in prison won’t be reduced.

Schuck says Rios is getting a “raw deal” and plans to appeal further.

The appeals court upheld Rios’s pandering and insurance fraud convictions


DONORS STEP UP TO PAY FOR POLICE DOG’S CHEMOTHERAPY: SEBASTOPOL (AP) — Public donations are rolling in to help pay for cancer treatment for a police dog in a small Northern California city.

Sebastopol Police Sgt. Nick Belliveau had received more than $11,000 by Monday night to pay for a 19-week course of chemotherapy for Frank, a 7-year-old German shepherd.

Frank, who lives with Belliveau’s family, was diagnosed last week with a deadly form of lymphoma. Veterinarians said chemo has a 90 percent chance of successfully putting the cancer in complete remission.

But because it’s likely that Frank won’t return to police duty, it was unclear who would pay for the treatment.

Belliveau launched a crowd-funding campaign and the public stepped up.

Belliveau calls the generosity of the town’s residents “unbelievable.”


KERN COUNTY DEPUTY KILLS KNIFE-WIELDING MAN: WASCO (AP) — A Kern County sheriff’s deputy has shot and killed a man he says charged him with a knife.

The confrontation occurred Monday morning.

Deputies went to the man’s home in Wasco after being told he had a knife and was threatening to kill himself.

A deputy heard screaming inside, forced the door and saw the man and a woman sitting on a couch. Three children also were in the home.

Authorities say another deputy tried to stun the man after he began cutting himself. The man stood, charged the first deputy and was shot.

His name hasn’t been released but authorities say he’d made previous suicide threats and was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse.


PG&E SETTLES LAWSUIT OVER BOTCHED DEMOLITION: BAKERSFIELD (AP) — Pacific Gas & Electric has settled a lawsuit filed by a Bakersfield man who was badly injured during the botched demolition of a power plant.

The utility announced the settlement Monday but didn’t disclose details.

Jerry Wood sued PG&E after he and four others were hit by flying shrapnel during the August 2013 implosion of an old plant in Bakersfield.

Wood was struck in the legs when the blast hurled metal chunks into an area where 1,000 people had gathered to watch the work. He endured dozens of medical procedures, including bone grafts.

PG&E has sued the contractor it hired to demolish the plant and state regulators fined two subcontractors.

In April, PG&E received state permission to complete the demolition.