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A real act of kindness for homeless
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Instead of having to skim through the usual political chest beating letters from the famous-in-their-own-minds few, how refreshing it was to read about “Home Depot goes the extra mile for homeless veteran.” An excellently written article, which was interesting to read, about a real act of kindness, that had a happy, yet thought provoking ending. What a great testimonial to not only Home Depot, who allowed their employees to spend work time going beyond what was asked to help someone in need, but also to the named individuals themselves, who had the compassion and strength of character to want to assist.

And now a word about the author, Carla Hoffman, one of our daughter Maureen’s and son Joel’s favorite teachers at New Haven school many years ago. How many of us would take the time to strike up a conversation with someone who looks to be homeless? I am fortunate to know a few who would, but I know many, including me most of the time, who wouldn’t, who would convince themselves that this person is one of the troublemakers, or on drugs, and wants to be out there on the sidewalk. And then, how many would spend hours of our time advocating for Greg? Probably a really short list. And finally, how many of us would spend time writing an article so full of gratitude that it had to be shared?

Thank you, Carla, for reminding us of our humanity.

Pat Silva