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Baca: Trump acting presidential?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I had to actually laugh out loud when I read the title of Frank Aquila’s latest entry into the absurd. (‘The Donald’ is acting presidential) on Dec. 14. 
Now if Aquila is suggesting that:
1. Making fun of the disabled.
2. Claiming that he can do whatever he pleases to a woman because he is famous.
3. That John McCain is not a hero because he was captured.
4. Picking a fight with a Gold Star family.
5. Keeping his tax returns secret.
6. Or even calling on Russia to hack an American Citizen to help him out in the election (Which apparently they did).
And doing all of that before the election.
1. Even after winning the election, claiming millions of people voted illegally for Clinton.
2. Selecting a known Alt-Right advocate, Steve Bannon, as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor.
3. Due to a lack of allotted space, I cannot list all of the Cabinet, known for obvious reasons as the #MotleyCrewOfPlunderMonkeys made up of billionaires, Goldman Sachs execs and generals, but suffice it to say virtually all of them are opposed to the very departments they will now lead. Rick Perry being the latest as head of the Department of Energy, remember that guy? The guy who when running for his on bid for President, said that was one of three departments he would abolish (After forgetting that very Department at one of the debates).
4. Tweeting at all hours to attack anyone who dared oppose or make fun of him, such as SNL.
5. Tweeting attacks at specific companies such as Boeing, McDonald Douglas or Lockheed Martin, causing their market shares to plummet, causing them to lose Billions.
6. Using his private quarters as Transition Office space even though that office space has already been provided in Washington paid for by the taxpayers, then charging the government for use of that space which is also costing millions upon millions for security both by the Secret Service and the city of New York police department. Doing all of this for only one teason, showmanship.
7. Refusing to disengage himself from his private business holdings which is an obvious conflict of interest, stating: “...the president can’t have conflict of interest.”. By the way, having his    adult children run his companies is not a disengagement of interest.
8. Taking in millions from foreign countries using his hotels and countless other holdings and throwing it in the face of The Title of Nobility Clause, Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the Constitution.
9. And a little something going on right now, Trump tweet-shaming the intelligence community over the Russian election hacking and refusing to take the daily security briefing because in    his words, “I’m smart and don’t need it”... Remember when another President didn’t heed the Intelligence? We got 9/11...
I could go on but, like I said, a lack of allotted space. This is what Aquila calls “acting presidential.”

Larry Baca