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California underscores definition of insanity
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

With each passing year it becomes more difficult to produce a letter to the editor.  One gets the feeling of banging one’s head against the wall when trying to decide where to start in addressing the multitude of stupidities being perpetrated by our government, particularly here in California.  Sometimes, however, the news randomly comes together in a way that makes it all just too obvious to ignore.  I refer to four headlines that appeared simultaneously in the ‘California’ section of the July 15 edition of the Bulletin.  On one newspaper page, they combined in a way that almost (almost) humorously illustrated just about everything wrong with our state government, as follows:

• “Brown signs landmark law to teach gay history” – at a time when our state faces incomprehensible budgetary problems, this is what is considered “landmark” legislation?  The promotion of the gay agenda aside, it would take fewer than the fingers of one hand to count the historically significant contributions of gays & lesbians to this state/nation, yet we now must develop a new classroom curriculum devoted to them.

• “San Diego 8-year old has Pertussis” – it doesn’t take a doctor’s degree to understand that our state and federal governments’ open-door policies toward illegal immigration have assisted in the resurrection of Whooping Cough, Tuberculosis, and multiple other serious diseases that were once all but eradicated in this state.  And while on the topic of illegal immigration…

• “Senate approves college aid for illegal immigrants” – not only can illegal immigrants in California get away with paying the cheaper in-state tuition rate (while an American student from Oregon pays the exorbitant out-of-state rate, but now they can qualify for financial aid, too.  Oh, and in a related headline in this very same section of the Bulletin - “Universities of California raise tuition nearly 10 percent”.

•“Lawmakers OK electoral vote change” – this bill proposes to revise the rules in a presidential election by giving California’s electoral votes, instead of to the candidate winning the most votes within the state, to the candidate receiving the most popular votes nationwide.  Does this smell to anyone like sore-loser Al Gore and his Democrat party trying to rig the presidential election results?  Finally, speaking of the Democrats, and the reason that we will likely remain with this screwed-up mess of a state for a long time to come, a last headline, this one from the Sacramento Bee…

• “Will California re-map give Democrats 2/3 majorities?” – the Democrats in California have been in pretty much absolute power for decades and must therefore concede their responsibility for our situation.  Nevertheless, Democrat majorities are re-elected into power year after year by dopey voters who are taken in by charges of “extremism” against any candidate proposing to end this vicious cycle of government-run-amok.

 The classic definition of insanity is repeating the same procedure and expecting a different result.  I would like to think that living within our means, enforcing our borders and reigning in a bloated government bureaucracy is anything but extreme…it’s a manifestation of sanity.

Ken Ross
July 25,2011