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Dont sell the Manteca golf course
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Golf is a sport for everyone. Builds character because the game is incredibly difficult. It teaches us patience with ourselves as we learn and fail and find success.
Like all sports golf brings camaraderie and enjoyment with friends and other players of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.
 No place on earth is as beautiful as a golf course. The community gains a wonderful and uplifting view of green grass and trees. People pay to play and walk in a safe place that challenges them. Golf is great exercise. A full game is a five mile walk on average.
Manteca was and we hope still is a destination for retirement. Retirees are attracted to a nice golf course and a home.
It would be a sad day that sees the slice of beauty and fresh oxygen and history and jobs that would be destroyed with the sale of the golf course.
The care and maintenance and management of a golf course takes a special skill level. There are a lot of jobs in the restaurant and grounds and buildings too.
Young people who play golf are not the kind to be out doing crime. Not a lot of activity for anyone in Manteca. I think that the game of golf is good clean fun.
There is tennis and baseball and golf and meeting place at the Manteca Golf Course. Shame on anyone who wants to sell the most important possession our city has. It makes money too!

Robert Cook