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Health care: Were afraid of unknown
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Mr. Baca is all for President Obama’s health care reform bill to go through. I hope he has read all 20,000-plus pages of it. I watched the discussion on the Summit all day. I saw the President dodge a lot of issues. I want to know why he wants this pushed through so fast. I haven’t read the bill, have you Mr. Baca? What’s in it? You tell us! I want to know and I’m sure other Manteca readers would too if they are keeping up with your gibberish.

I was a Democrat my whole life, but sometimes you have to give up things that are unhealthy for you, and your loved ones. This is too big of a deal to even consider the reconciliation option. You want the majority to rule because they are the Democrats. The majority of the people (us) are against this. We’re afraid, afraid of the unknown. So if you can explain the bill to us maybe we would be more optimistic about it. Right now it is nothing but a nuclear option!   

 Pamela Madru
March 3, 2010