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Manteca should sell golf course
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It appears as though there is no end to the Manteca City Council’s contribution to the negative assets of the municipal golf course.
Recently the taxpayers read about a $300,000 deficit this course had for this year and now the council adds $455,000 for renovations. Yearly subsidizing of senior players cost taxpayers $155,000 and other costs were added to the deficit by the financial director. This adds up to almost $800,000 in losses on this course this year.
There is no way anyone can make this into a profitable business when the losses exceed the profits. Subsidizing seniors should be discontinued at an annual cost of $155,000. As a taxpayer, I don’t feel I should pay for people’s entertainment. This is considered as a business and is expected to turn a profit for the city. That’s the same as paying for their monthly trips to the casino that includes their gambling cost.  We are supposed to be receiving $300,000 annually from Big League Dreams and the recent contribution of almost $800,000 to the golf course wipes out that $300,000 and reduces the taxes from other contributors by an additional $455,000. That’s a large tax drain on this city and when this course is losing money, you don’t subsidize by contributing $155,000 annually to seniors or any other group.
Is it fair for the people who don’t golf to see their taxes used for discount play, when there was a loss of almost $800,000 on this course this year alone? Is it fair to spend these taxes on a losing course annually, while there are so many projects pending for lack of funding?
It is my opinion that this council should consider selling this course and rid us of this indebted business.
Many attempts to make this course profitable have failed. That’s because subsidizing has to be accounted for before a profit is realized. All other costs has to be factored in as well. The point has been reached when this property could be sold and could make a huge contribution to this city’s assets. I think it is time to listen to this old dude for a change, for creating income is a vital part of the council’s duties. A continuation of losses, in my way of thinking, isn’t in the best interest of this city.

Fleener Richards