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Many Manteca neighborhoods not being kept up
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Thank you for your article regarding neighborhoods that are newer looking more run down.

I live in an area of town that up until a few years ago was considered to be a nice part of town.  Unfortunately, with the down turn in the economy and many other factors, many of our neighborhoods are not being kept up.  There seems to be a lack of  “pride of ownership”.  People of the Depression Era at least took pride in their homes – sort of a last stand.

I have a neighbor that works on cars, has a forklift in his side yard, enough stuff stacked against our adjoining fence that it is breaking posts, etc.  I could go on and on, but that would not accomplish anything.  I have contacted our local authorities and they have done what they can, but the fact remains that this family has no respect for their own residence or the surrounding neighbors.  We have tried to talk with him, and apparently the message just isn’t getting through.  It is extremely frustrating as it is taking our property values down with him.

I am sure there are many others in our town with similar situations, but I am tired of “just living with it,” I want solutions.  It would seem that the only way to rectify this situation would be to take this individual to court.  It might clean it up for a while, but then the anger and animosity would probably be unbearable.

I keep hoping that if I give the situation a little time, pick a time when I am of a cooler mind to approach the subject again with this family might help.  I wish I could feel that I am part of the solution than having to live with the problem.
Mrs. Brown
Jan. 27, 2010