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Not serving in military isnt good idea
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In the Bulletin Monday we read Mr. Wyatt waxing eloquently on the fact that freedom is not a gift from the government but a right secured by the people and that the right to bear arms is “second to none except the right to speech, association, and worship.” Well, good and Constitutional.  However, he also stipulates: “To make it clear, I do not own a gun nor have I ever fired one.”  Very interesting.  

He now reveals that he has never served in the military.  Sunday he talked about coming to Manteca, nineteen years ago, at the age of 34; making his present age, around 53.  Now let me see, the Selective Service Administration was discontinued some thirty-eight years ago, in 1972, ending the draft and instituting an all volunteer armed forces in the United States.  Dennis was 15 at that time, so it seems that the spinning destinies, under the direction of Almighty God, have decreed that he would not experience military training.  What a break!  No marching in the hot sun.  No bayonet assault course.  No infiltration course.  No hand-to-hand combat.  No KP.  No rifle range.  No sergeants in your face.  No military discipline whatsoever.  No praise or blame but it has been the citizen soldier, the American rifleman, which has paid for our freedom and that of the free world from day one.  Maybe it’s just me, but it feels a little doubtful that this is a good idea.  

To end a long standing tradition which has served the United States very well doesn’t seem right and may very well be part of the globalist plan to end our freedom and our national sovereignty to subsume the USA under a United Nations authority.  A quick glance at the United Nations Charter shows that “freedom” is not a right but a privilege granted by their collective authority.  Furthermore, many of the nations in the UN are jealous of the U.S. and hate us for a variety of reasons.  Some of their grievances may be credible; however, the USA would be very foolish to surrender supremacy in a world of envious nations which resent having needed and received our help.  A nation is far more than a business, it is a long standing cultural tradition bought and paid for in blood.  The globalists see the world as a group of businesses not a group of nations.  We dare not surrender our long standing national sovereignty; it has been worth fighting for and is worth fighting to preserve.
 Steven J. Catalano
Feb. 15, 2010