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Rantings about Democrats
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

At first glance of the letter appearing on these pages, (Feb.20: “Tying Demos into manifesto of communists”), one would normally and quite justifiably, brush off the entire contents as just another opinion of a rather disturbed, extremely paranoid individual who is apparently still living in the 1950s during the red scare of Senator Joseph McCarthy infamy and coming to the realization that rational individuals would not take it seriously, one would simply choose not comment.

That is until one reads the signature block and realizes this paranoid individual, by virtue of his title, President of the South San Joaquin Republicans, apparently speaks for every Republican in the South San Joaquin valley.  Now, it becomes rather disturbing, especially after reading the blog entries generated by his letter where not one Republican would disagree, save one, who actually by his own admission claims to be more of an Independent and makes it very clear he does not support the rantings of disturbed or paranoid individuals, especially that one.

However there are two or three individuals that go to great lengths to soak up any and all sorts of vomit spewed on the political floor of this and the corresponding blog forum by the same writer, so spirited is their adoration and support, they seem to act like two or three thirsty infomercial ShamWows. After soaking it all up, they don’t wring it out in a refuse container as it should be, no, instead they wring it out on the same political floor. Like most foul smelling puddles, it attracts both those who want to clean it up and those who want to wallow in it. Those who want to clean it up soon find out they are dealing with something on the order of Agent Orange or worse.

Those of us who still reside in the current era, rational Democrats, Republicans or Independents, can only hope that health reform can become a reality soon so the state hospitals can make room for those few disturbed and paranoid few, who have somehow slipped between the cracks of reality.

Larry Baca
Feb. 21, 2010