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Tired of dogs defecating on lawn
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
You have published a couple of my opinions on the same subject of dogs defecating on my lawn. My wife went to the mail box Tuesday and was stunned that someone’s pet had defecated in front of the mail box and on the edge of our lawn. She was very angry because she almost stepped on the mess.

And her first statement was, “Why don’t pet owners’ pick up their dog’s mess”? That answer can only be answered by the owner of that pet. But this  is not an isolated incident, it is repeated daily.

I am exhorting pet owner that walk their dog on Mission Ridge Drive to not allow their dog to defecate on the sidewalks and on lawns. But if it does occur, to remember it is their pet, therefore, their responsibility to clean up after their pet. It is not our responsibility to clean up but we are routinely put in that position because it is on our lawn or in front of our home.
Robert L. Fennell
March 4, 2010