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Twin Tunnels are not a flood control project
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I for one am totally against the Twin Tunnels project that R. Fernandez in his letter Monday kept calling the Delta Project as it does nothing for the Delta.
He says without drainage the levees will fail.  The Twin Tunnels will do nothing for drainage as they are for water for Southern California and are not for relief of flooding. The water is coming from the Sacramento River not any of the Sierra rivers that Fernandez mentions.  What boat does Fernandez own because it must be built by the government like the Lake Oroville spillway that is just waiting to fail. Engineers do make mistakes and the Twin Tunnels will be one of them it spells disaster for us.
 Just look at Owens Lake. Oh, wait. There is no lake it was sucked up by Los Angeles.
He talks about Louisiana as an example. It is totally wrong. It was a different circumstance entirely. The storm surge is what was caused by a hurricane. Last time I can remember a hurricane in California was — wait — never!
We need to fix levees not build the Twin Tunnels to divert water during dry years to LA. It is nothing but a water grab by large water districts. If we let them do this our water will become more polluted by salt water intrusion from low water flows. No lives will be lost if the Twin Tunnels are not built, They do nothing for flood control, period!

G. Sylvia