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Motorcyclists slam into roundabout
Motorcycle Race DSC 4943 edited-1
Three racing motorcycles crashed into a Woodward Avenue roundabout and flipped some 20 feet into the air, killing two of the riders. and injuring one. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Two Manteca brothers were killed riding motorcycles at a high rate of speed late Sunday afternoon after slamming into a roundabout.

A third motorcyclist also crashed and fled the scene. Manteca Police had not located the third motorcyclist as of 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

David Craigg, 36, and Danny Craigg, 34, died in the crash that took place at a recently completed roundabout on Woodward Avenue at Al Fonseca Lane. Witnesses said they were moving at a high rate of speed and went airborne and crashed more than 100 feet to the east.

Firefighters and medics rendered aid to two of the three motorcyclists who crashed 

The one brother died at the scene after firefighters and medics worked for some 20 minutes to save his life.  The other died at a hospital. 

The motorcycles were all Harley Davidsons. 

Witnesses said the trio was racing in an easterly direction on Woodward between Union Road and Airport Way at about 4:15 p.m. when they collided with the roundabout, leaving more than 100 feet of skid marks before they struck the circular traffic directional barrier leaving pieces of motorcycles scattered about the roadway and then flying more than 100 feet beyond. 

 Two of the motorcycles landed on Woodward Avenue after flipping in the air some 12 to 20 feet above the ground, according to two witnesses. The third went into an open field with the rider fleeing from the scene.  His degree of injuries was unknown as three ambulances responded to the scene with fire units and police.  Neighbors said it took the first responders only three to five minutes to arrive at the crash site. 

Neighbors standing on the street said that Woodward Avenue has become a race track since it was opened up recently following road construction.  Woodward is newly paved as well at that location.

Traffic Lt. Paul Carmona responded to the crash and called out the Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT).  The roadway was expected to be closed for about six hours while the MAIT team attempted to determine the exact cause of the crash, speed of the alleged race and whether other factors were involved. 


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