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Will Sierra grad stay alive tonight on The Voice?
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WHAT: “The Voice”
WHY WATCH: Sierra High grad Lindsey Pavao finds out whether she is one of six who viewers voted to go on Monday night or if she is one of six who have to perform tonight to secure one of three votes from judges to stay or else go home.
CHANNEL: NBC, Channel 3 on Comcast
TIME: 9 o’clock tonight

It started with her sharing a bench with clown-mask clad dancers as smoke rolled over the stage.

But by the time the unique dubstep-style sampling of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” started pumping through the speakers, the breathy voice of Lindsey Pavao – the 22-year-old Sierra High grad and Sutter County bartender making a name for herself on NBC’s “The Voice” – started to dazzle once again.

And the fact that that it was Pavao that sold her coach – R&B sensation Christina Aguilera – on the song as well as the vision she had for the performance only shows the dynamic range that the young artist has.

The future is bright with this one.

On the night of her blind audition – miles beyond her stated goal of simply getting a callback after her tryout – she confessed to Carson Daly that the biggest crowd she had ever played in front of prior to that night had been 40.

Since then she’s been in front a packed auditorium three times – each with different expectations – and she’s killed it every time.

While it’s easy for me to sit back with a Diet A&W Root Beer in my recliner, take a few notes and write a rave review, her own coach gave her the ultimate in compliments Monday night during the first live performance of the year when she claimed she “stood alone in a category all her own.”

“When I first heard you I thought, ‘Where can I buy her album at?’” Aguilera quipped when breaking down Pavao’s performance. “I can listen to her all day.”

And if that compliment wasn’t enough, it was on display for the whole world to see when Aguilera put it into tweet form and it was posted for everybody to read at the bottom of the screen during the show.

It’ll up to the fans now to determine whether Pavao will get a lifeline and automatically move on to the next round or whether she’ll be forced to perform again tonight to earn a nod from a coach.

Those that don’t secure either will end up going home.

I have a feeling, however, that Pavao will do just fine with voters at home. She has stuck to her alternative roots since she first appeared on camera and provides a hero for people that wouldn’t typically watch a competition show like “The Voice.”

Some might consider it a type of crossover appeal, but Pavao has proved she’s good enough with any type of music or musical arrangement.

The fact that her stage show was a little Kubrickian – some of those masks were a little bit “A Clockwork Orange” – further cemented my status as a fan.

Hopefully there are a million more people out there that are making phone calls as I type this because she definitely deserves to move on.

Manteca’s favorite daughter is making waves in the music world.

I doff my cap to you Lindsey Pavao.