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2010 Dodge Ram Cummins diesel delivers
Marty Steves of Cabral Chrysler Jeep Dodge shows off the 2010 Dodge Ram Cummins diesel – the Motor Trend “Truck of the Year.” - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
While it certainly helps, it wasn’t Motor Trend’s “Truck of the Year” designation that created the buzz around the 2010 Dodge Ram Cummins diesel.

The truck itself managed to do that on its own.

Long known in the automotive industry as a reliable towing staple, the Cummins diesel – which has earned the moniker “the million mile motor” for its reliability and long lifespan – has always had a steady following that swear by the model and return once they finally put their own out to pasture to start anew.

And despite a relatively stagnant economic situation, Cabral Chrysler Jeep Dodge Sales Associate Marty Steve says sales of the truck have been steady and interest has been high.

“It’s the quietest diesel that’s ever been on the market, and now it’s available with just about every comfort you could possibly imagine for those long tow hauls,” Steves said. “And it’s the only diesel that has a straight-six motor – meaning that the longer rods create more torque at a lower RPM than anything else on the market, and that’s especially handy if you’re towing something.

“It doesn’t matter what it is – this is the truck for towing.”

If the longer piston rods in straight 6-cylinder motor – which help create upwards of 350 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque – aren’t enough to catch the attention of a buyer, the truck is also the only one of the big three to receive an EPA emissions certificate.

The 6.7-liter Cummins turbo also features an integrated diesel exhaust break and boasts the best low-end torque in its class.

But just because you’re towing your fifth wheel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the comforts that other motorists get to enjoy.

Certain Ram models include everything from a heated steering wheel to air conditioned seats – including in-dash touchscreen navigation, a high-end Alpine stereo system, and leather seats that recline in both the front and second row of the vehicle for additional leg room and maximum comfort.

The 100,000-mile warranty only adds more to the package to reinforce what buyers already know about the truck. It includes things that aren’t usually covered to the warranty like the exhaust brake that helps draw in customers that might be on the fence.

“Whether it’s the warranty or the motor itself, the Ram Cummins diesel has been a big attraction for Dodge this year, and that momentum is only building,” Steves said. “To get the full effect and really understand what this truck is like you have to drive one, and that’s something that I encourage everyone who might be interested to do.”

Cabral Chrysler Dodge Jeep is located at 114 W. Yosemite Ave. For more information, visit them on the web at, or call 823-1148.