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American love affair with cafe
Turlock resident Bob Crawford enjoys a cup of coffee at his local Starbucks.

It’s no secret. Americans have a love affair with coffee. Whether it’s the aroma of a brewing pot of joe or the first bitter mouthful in the morning, coffee has become the world’s most popular consumed beverage.

 According to the American Coffee Association, 83 percent of Americans drink coffee with an average consumption of three cups a day. Nowadays, coffee can be purchased almost anywhere —local coffee shops, a corporate chain stores like Starbucks, and even fast food restaurants.

“Coffee is easily accessible and gives me that quick fix I need in the morning,” said Turlock resident Sara Cartwright. “I find it cheap and convenient going to McDonald’s before I start my working shift. It beats the long line at Starbucks and the coffee actually tastes really good.”

While some prefer convenience over the quality of their coffee, coffee aficionado Bob Crawford enjoys his cup of joe when it’s independently made.

“The best cups of coffees around are the ones that are independently-owned by local shops,” said Crawford. “I’m such a coffee lover that I’ve traveled to many places and tried different kinds. I even take a picture of them as well.”

Crawford also enjoys trips to Starbucks.

“You know exactly what you’re going to get when you go to Starbucks,” said Crawford. “For my daily brew I always come to Starbucks and get the usual. Since I’m diabetic I am limited to what I can eat or drink on a daily basis. It’s nice to know I could still have my coffee.”

Other people live on a tight budget and prefer their caffeine in the comfort of their home. Turlock resident Ron Allen invested in a Keurig coffee maker and says he’s saved time and money.

“It was money well spent,” said Allen. “Before I bought my coffee maker I would go to Starbucks at least three times and averaged hundreds of dollars by the end of the year. I don’t think I’ll step foot inside a coffee shop again.”

Whether you enjoy coffee in the comfort of your home or in a local shop, coffee is a winner all year round.